Friday, January 4, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadows: Inked in Pink and Barely Branded

Excited does not begin to describe how I felt when I saw the swatches of these two on Temptalia. Her review, as always, is comprehensive and informative, so I really recommend it. I didn't see that many other reviews of these, so I decided to write a blog post as well. Here are some pictures first, scroll down to the end of the post for my opinion! (I love them!)

This and the above image, under natural light. 
Under artificial light

Like all of the Maybelline Color Tattoos I've tried, these are amazing. Hopefully you can catch it in the pictures, but they are quite shimmery. Not so much to be excessive or distracting to other people, but Barely Branded (the champagne color) is more like MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (a very close dupe, actually) than Painterly. In other words, they're called "Metal" eyeshadows for a reason. 

Inked in Pink is a light, metallic (aka shimmery) pink, subtle enough to be wearable. As you can see in the natural light images, it blends out to a beautiful soft pink that I believe would look great on a variety of skin tones. 

As for durability, I only tried Barely Branded on my lids, one with primer and one without. I didn't try them for a full 12 hours, just about 6, but both lids have retained their champagny-shimmery look throughout the day, and there is no noticeable difference between the lid with primer and the one without. Christine from Temptalia reviewed them for the full 12 hours without a primer and says that they stayed put, so I'd trust her! 

In this collection, there are three other colors: Silver Strike, Gold Rush (which I believe was also released in a collection a few months ago?), and Electric Blue. I don't see myself really purchasing any of those, but you can order them online from Ulta, although I found mine at Walgreens. 

Will you try these? Let me know in the comments below! xx

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Equestrian-Inspired (ish)

I'm wearing: Corso Como Racine boots (via, Gap High Rise Skinnies, J. Crew shirt, Forever XXI blazer, Gap scarf (I think), Chloe sunglasses, Fossil watch, Urban Outfitters cross-body. 
We're getting down to the last few days of the year, and I'm enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having in the Sunshine State. I got this blazer for literally $10 at Forever XXI yesterday; there was a sale going on and I got this at basically about 75% off. If you have a Forever near you (and who doesn't these days?), I seriously suggest you stop by!

Instagramming. My username there is colormeloverly, I literally post outfit pictures all the time.

So there's probably my last outfit picture of the year! I'll try to blog my New Year's Eve outfit, but that might be January 1st of 2013!! Do you guys have any plans for NYE? Is it a family or friends kind of day for you? I'll be spending it with my family and some family friends, so a little bit of both! 

I hope you've all had an amazing 2012 and are looking forward to all the amazing things that 2013 are sure to bring! xx

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review and Swatches: NYX Xtreme Lip Cream (Pinky Nude)

This is exactly the kind of picture my mom hates, because it's in the middle of our kitchen and she hates when I take pictures in the kitchen. It has the most windows, though, so it's got the best lighting in the house. Who knew? Anyway, this is a new addition to my filled-to-the-brim lip product drawer, and it is the NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude. Below was apparently the best picture I could take of the product. 
I know it's a very shaky picture. I honestly have no idea what was going on that day. Here's a better picture of the applicator, though, AND a swatch. 

So this is one of those lip products that applies like a gloss, but has the consistency and the "coverage" of a lipstick. So it's not drying, but it stays put for quite a long time (seriously). This is also a pretty perfect color, it's that kind of "mod" pink, quite a light pink and pretty matte. 

All in all, I quite like this product and I'm looking forward to buying a few more shades. Have you tried any products from this line? Any recommendations? 

I hope you're all having a great holiday season with your loved ones!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sideways-Crossing and Art Basel

Not the greatest picture ever, but you get the idea. I got this while I was at Art Basel a couple of weekends ago, and I've been wearing it ever since. I'm not really a religious person, but I love delicate necklaces like this one, especially when they're rose gold (it's actually sterling silver dipped in rose gold, but still). I like that it's dainty, but still durable: I've both showered and slept with it on, and so far, so good.

I paid $21 for this one, but there are tons of options on Etsy, like this one in silver or gold, or this rose gold one that has a slightly bigger cross.

Speaking of Art Basel, here are some pictures from the event:

 Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite people of all time, so I loved seeing her twice!
 A glitter wall?? Made my night.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Polka-dotted jeans

I'm wearing: Chloe sunnies, Forever XXI long-sleeved shirt, AG Adriano Goldschmied "Stevie" Ankle Jeans, Nine West heels.
Fossil watch, Henri Bendel rose gold buckle bracelet, Forever XXI turquoise bracelet. 

I've been wearing these jeans super frequently, which is odd considering they're red polka-dotted pants. I bought them at Anthropologie a few weeks ago, and they have the best cut out of all the jeans I own. I feel like most jeans are not catered to shorter people, so whenever I find jeans that fit like a glove on the first try, I hold on to them for dear life. These fit incredibly soft on the first try, the kind of jeans that feel like you've had for years. I've realized that premium denim is definitely worth the steep-ish price. I'm on the hunt for more of them, and lucky for me (and all of us), websites like Gilt and HauteLook (invites linked) have premium denim events all the time! Also, if you didn't know, Gilt is doing this thing where if you join through someone's invite, you get $25 off, and the same if someone joins through you! So invite your friends to join and get even more discounted prices! 

Do you have any "crazy" piece that you find yourself wearing all the time? I want to know! 

p.s. Thanks to my mom for taking the pictures!